Exhibitions at Mount Gallery

In this page, you can find all our exhibitions from the most recent to the oldest.

Olivier Mourão

British artist from Brazil, born September of 1946, began painting at the age of eight. He was an a child of artistic prodigiousness and when he finally left Brazil in his early twenties, he did so in a blaze of publicity: he climbed to the top of the city hotel and claimed, ‘I wish I were Nero so I could set fire to this court I love so much.’

And thus, in 1969, at the age of 23, Olivier travelled to Europe: first to Rome, where he originally tried his hand at sculptures in marble. He then worked in lithography in Paris. Finally, he studied the History of Art in London.

Four years later he travelled to New York where he created jewellery and tapestry using natural elements of Brazilian fauna and flora. He also had an exhibition entitled ‘From portraits to the Monumental Painting.’ He then returned to London where he has remained, spending his summers in Ibiza.
29 January – 15 February 2020

Still in the Ether Capri

Annette Holzwarth

The exhibition Dancing with the Sublime displays a selection of Annette Holzwarth´s work. For her, similar to dancing, the language of the individual soul, painting is the language of the cosmic soul – the  sublime.
Annette Holzwarth uses crystals in her painting as tools and media for entering higher dimensions. All Crystals are ethically sourced and handpicked. To keep their power when used as a medium they are crushed by hand under trance.
12 – 21 December 2019
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Daniel Balanescu

Produced between 2000 and 2018, the works reflect different stages in Daniel Balanescu’s quest for what it means to be human. Playing with different techniques, from fire drawing on train tickets to acrylic on canvas, screen-printing collage or rongalit C painting on viscose, Daniel Balanescu captures the diversity of ourselves in contexts we cannot control.

He is preoccupied by the relationship arising between patterns and crowds, by transitions and social entropy. He used a variety of techniques to articulate the tension of a lone reflective being forced along by the movement of the swarm.
24 October – 9 November 2019
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Pato Bosich

Intensely gestural, richly monochrome and merging with oxidating metals, the series the dying Pythia is a re invention of the greek tragedies narratives. Centred around the Delphic oracle and the Theban plays, Bosich imagines the Pythia (the Delphi priestess) visited by a myriad of shades (ghosts) including Oedipus and Tiresias. Some apocalyptic and foreboding atmosphere echoes contemporary waste lands around cities and post war ruins, as if Ancient sculpture had gotten back life by virtue of a radioactive silver metal shower, now gods and heroes are back wondering loose on earth.
11-19 October 2019
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Allan Parker

An edited version of an imaginary archive, ÆTHER is a photographic installation centred around two dramatic black and white prints of uncertain origin, reminiscent of aerial views of the arctic, or perhaps the surface of some unknown world. Also included are lightboxes with printed texts, aerial views of cities printed on stone slabs, and other presentations of images.

In common with other archives, ÆTHER also functions as a repostitory of ideas – nature and history, time and memory, journeys and landscapes all feature, offering multiple possible alignments of facts and impressions.

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26-27 July 2013

Sana Khan

The title of the exhibition, ‘Ghungroos’ refers to the small golden bells strapped to the ankles of traditional Indian dancers. In the narrative of this work, they are heard from a distance. The sound of tinking bells create a tantalising image of the approach of a loved one, a herald of what is to come. Ghungroos are represented both as objects and as the memory of a sound – the subtle echo of a chaotic past and a personal memoir of loss and longing.
Khan uses myriad materials in constructing her work. The creation of these images has led her to encounters with set builders and scenic painters and on meticulous and dedicated searches through the zoos, morgues and butchers shops of Lahore – where else could you borrow a rhinocerous for the day? Each photograph holds a different story, all rooted from the same idea of ‘the passerby’ and all mixed with the sound of the Ghungroos.

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11-21 July 2013

Joan Costa

Colours of Water is an exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Joan Costa, a Majorcan artist who endeavours to increase awareness of the natural environment as a sculptor understands it. Costa is inspired by the effects of the movement of water on seaweed which is beautifully translated into tangible forms,shapes and textures in his works. Costa’s current artistic practice strives to interpret the natural environment of the Balearic Islands through his sculptures and paintings. All his works are deeply rooted in the natural and historical world of the Mediterranean and form part of the essence of the region.

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28 June – 10 July

Felix Anaut

This small exhibition covered works from 3 years on canvas and paper, and ceramics, plus a couple of earlier bronzes. The theme of the exhibition followed the evolution of Anaut’s work from an exhibition hosted in Cape Town in 2011 (Barnard Gallery), and a special series of work executed for this exhibition, one of which, a canvas, appeared in the contemporary art sales in Sotheby’s (London).

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19 – 26 June 2013

7 Artists

Seven promising Catalan artists: Jano Association, Barcelona – Lázaro Ferré, Pato Bosich, Quico Estivill, Joma, Joan Puig (Joanet), Jaume Amigó, Georg Massanés.

Each artist presented two etchings along with a poem. The artists showed their individuality and emotions in the form of text and visual art and their correlation. All 7 Artists have followed the printmaking path of one of the eminent artist of the 20th Century – Antoni Tapies and have produced most of the works at the same workshop in Barcelona. They continue their artistic practice internationally.

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28 May – 4 June 2013

Mirò and Dalì

The collection of etchings and lithographs in this exhibition were editions from the 60’s and 70’s which were two of the most exciting decades of the 20th Century.

Surrealist and Dadaist characteristics were the most prominent features in the works of Miro and Dali which one can easily discern in their paper based works too. These etchings and lithographs were produced by Miro and Dali while working at Tristan Barbara’s printmaking workshop in Barcelona which houses major modern and contemporary artists. The images assimilate abstract figures, distorted portraits, numbers, alphabets and symbols into a colourful or monochrome compositions which are very telling of the larger oeuvre of Miro and Dali individually. These impressions or Impresión on paper are significant of not only the two artists and their experiments and contributions towards the medium of printmaking but also reflect the very essence of their artistic idiom. The title of this exhibition also alludes to the medium of printmaking which is a very visceral approach to producing art as well as the progression of ideas and thought imagery being transpired onto the paper making an impression – literal and metaphorical. Impressions of artist’s inner psyche while making the works in the printmaking workshop years ago and of the present surroundings inhabited by the artworks.

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7-25 May 2013

Antoni Tàpies

Tapies is not only known as a painter but also a renowned lithographer and etcher. Alongside creating paintings and objects using myriad of materials, Tapies had been actively producing works on paper and graphic works since 1947. Etchings in this exhibition were created during the 1980’s and explore the philosophy of the 13th Century Catalan Theologian Ramon Llull, whom Tapies called a “poet, mystic, philosopher, scientist, and man of action.”

Lull’s metaphysical model in which he strived to draw parallels between the World’s religions by using knowledge, language, symbols and mystic diagrams in order to find the Universal reality is continually represented in Tapies’ work. Evidently he gained immense inspiration in Lull’s philosophy and created works where each sign, symbol and form unearths a deeper meaning for the viewer.

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3 April – 5 May 2013

Screen Idols

Collectively Magnum’s archive of film imagery, captures behind-the scenes moments and photographing film directors, actors and actresses on and off camera, includes a large part of the history of cinema. The Pictures included in this exhibition date primarily from the Fifties and Sixties, with the inclusion of a small selection from the Twenty First century, and are a mix of vintage and contemporary prints.
Included here are images famous beyond the reputation of the individual photographer or the Magnum agency, pictures such as those by Dennis Stock of James Dean in a rain swept Times Square (1954) or those produced by Eve Arnold during ten years working with Marilyn Monroe from 1950 to her last film, The Misfits (1961). The 1950’s, a period when the cult of the cinema idol grew, coincided with Magnums own ‘Golden Age’ – a time before television was widely available and the picture magazines reigned supreme as the main disseminators of news and publicity.
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5-31 December 2012

Joan Barbara

Mediterranean: Works on Paper’ is a collection of etchings by renowned artist Joan Barbara. Bold, yet sensitive, the collection draws on nature and its emotional revelations.
Barbara’s ‘Mediterranean’ is a representation of his personal world. Exploring landscapes and natural forms, the artist’s own mood and sentiment is ably reflected, invoking an emotional affiliation with the viewer. Each artwork signifies a meditation and devotion to the process of etching and with the land. With components of severe lines, dense patches of black and selective use of colour, one would usually envisage a muted, aggressive and desolate image. Yet instead, Barbara portrays an understanding of form, disposition and retreat with elegance.

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7 November – 1 December 2012

Aida Emeliyanova

From artist Aida Emeliyanova, a collection of mesmerising photographs and sculptures, exhibited at 99 Mount Street Gallery. Emeliyanova’s photography encapsulates elements of the artist’s Kazakh-Russian heritage and an ancestry involvement in the occult and folklore. The self-portrait photographs are a sensual and stylised re-imagining traditional Tarot iconography. The placement of Emeliyanova as the central character not only strengthens the personal investment but also helps develop an element of performance art.
The artist’s striking sculptured heads, intricately adorned with 18th century taxidermy birds and real butterflies, incorporate the conception of how we imprison ourselves within our own minds. The sculptures represent the freedom, the notions of breaking down the structures subconsciously created within the boundaries of our own psyche taking a powerful and overwhelming grip. We are presented with barbed wire, harshly wrapped around rustic staircases. The use of such materials helps to give life to this notion of searching through the “mesh of everyday madness”, standing as physical representation of Aida Emeliyanova’s efforts to make sense of the world we live in. Reminding us of the empowerment we hold to deny such freedom we long and desire.
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23 October – 3 November 2012

Pawel Nowicki

Madalait’ is a collection of works created by artist Pawel Nowicki for his first London exhibition, proudly displayed at 99 Mount Street. Living within the realms of the western world, the Warsaw based artist emulates the energies and spirituality of Aboriginal art. The exhibition title in itself takes its namesake from the aboriginal Goddess of creation, Madalait. The artist’s creations of oil on canvas and miniature sculptures pulsate with an essence of the metaphysical, truly channeling elements of the spiritual domain. Each work of art seems to have its own soul, but the collection as a whole also creates a narrative of the enigmatic. The works on canvas tell of the artist’s experiments with multi-layered forms, with colours thoughtfully chosen to create an eruption of electrifying shapes and motifs. Pawel Nowicki’s provocative artworks create a sense of urgency and fluidity that draw the viewer into reflection upon their own connection to spirituality.

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9 – 20 October 2012

Read and Johnson

Vitality: the body showcased the ‘Olympic Instrument’ – the human form. United by the body as a common theme, prize-winning photojournalist Paul Read and fine artist Benedict P. Johnson create contrasting prints from two very different artistic perspectives, utilising the interest of distinct processes: documentary black and white, and staged colour photography. To coincide with the opening of London’s 2012 Olympics, both Read and Johnson’s work probe the human figure, together reflecting how the body creates dual notions of fragility and strength.
Paul Read’s ‘Under the Thar Desert’ series documents an education rehabilitation program for physically impaired street children in Rajasthan, India. Shot on 35 mm in b/w, the stark images capture the exuberance of the children’s bodies, reflecting the children’s strength of will to survive, live and grow. Read’s photographs showindividuals transforming their disability into an expression of vitality through the therapuetic benefits of exercise.
Contrastingly, Benedict P. Johnson’s ‘R.E.S.T.’ is a studio-based triptych of stills depicting the artist and his female companion removed from all responsibility of activity,bound and suspended by their ankles. The photographs are the result of a controlled performance, representing bodies that have been challenged and minds that have been tested beyond comfortable limits through a live practice acted out towards subjects’ achievement of a wholly restful, transcendent experience.

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18 – 26 July 2012

Pato Bosich

The title alludes to the pleasures that the viewer can derive from their diverse readings of the mysterious scenarios he depicts. The subject matter remains enigmatic so that different interpretations continually suggest themselves stimulating curiosity in the viewer. Although a story seems to unfold it is beyond narrative in that it allows the imagery to be suggestive rather than explanatory. It is not merely a representation of a scene but the underlying force or sensation behind it that is being expressed.
The figures engaged in these ambiguous situations are ever playful and enticing in their suggestion of mutability and change. There is something disquieting about the scenarios with their semblance of dreamlike narrative simultaneously vivid and blurred where things are not quite what they seem. His work is firmly rooted in a painterly tradition where the layering and textures of his brushstrokes exude energy with a gestural and emotionally charged handling of paint. Although Bosich cites Goya, Velazquez, Piero Della Francesca, Balthus, Degas and Expressionism among his influences he makes no attempt at emulating any particular artist’s style.

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5-14 July 2012


Andreas von Chrzanowski – known by the alias CASE – is a German born artist who works solely with spray paint. He is widely acclaimed as one of the best photorealistic spray paint artists in the world. With his technical expertise and gift for subtle juxtaposition, CASE has managed to challenge and redefine this supposedly unwieldy medium, allowing him to produce re-contextualised images of beauty which allow us to question their everyday representation.
For his exhibition at the 99 Mount Street Gallery, CASE is presenting a new collection of original portraits. CASE’s inspiration for the exhibition – George Bernard Shaw’s classical musical ‘My Fair Lady’ – is particularly pertinent for the location and cultural milieu of The Gallery. It is also a playful allusion to Urban Fine Art’s own journey into the highest echelons of society. The culmination of this project will be the artist’s much anticipated appearance at this year’s Mayfair Garden Party on June 25th, during which he will be completing a two metre square painting of the scene.
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21-30 June 2012

Urban Fine Art

The Gallery is proud to have presented Urban Fine Art: an exhibition of Street Art and Graffiti. It featured a number of the most talented and cutting-edge artists who have been integral to redefine the framework of the genre and expanding it to a global audience.

Exhibited artists include: Banksy, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Jose Parla.

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12 – 20 June 2012


99 Mount Street Gallery is proud to have hosted the powerhouse duo Hera and Akut’s much anticipated return to London since 2008, bringing in new works and a new publication, “After The Laughter”. In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a book launch of “After The Laughter” and an autograph session. The duo exquisitely designed “After The Laughter” in a scrapbook style, which tells an intimate story behind their emotionally-charged artwork and their dynamic partnership. The book consists of 240 fully collaged pages, with images in different mediums and revealing photographs of the duo, sharing the good sides and the bad from the second half of their collaborated years from 2009-2011. Flipping through “After The Laughter” is almost like a voyeur into the artist personal scrapbook, filled signature pencil sketches of heart-felt, emotionally charged quotes, with traces of scotch tapes and accidental ink marks, nippy cut-out images, redolent of the unique artistry of the powerhouse duo.
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30 May – 9 June 2012

Robi Walters

British/Jamaican artist Robi Walters celebrated his roots in this show inspired by Jamaica.
2012 marks a key year for Jamaica: the London Olympics where all eyes will be on the Jamaican athletics team and also the celebration of 50 years of Jamaican Independence. As his own contribution to this celebration Robi has created a one-off artwork in his unique collage style as a tribute to legendary 100m world record holder Usain Bolt and to Jamaica itself.
Also included in the show is one of the ‘Banana Boat’ series inspired by stories from his grandparents of coming over to England on the HMS. Windrush, as well as several other signature collage and vinyl pieces. Robi works primarily with recycled objects, forging collages from discarded packaging and records from his vinyl collection to create new and vibrant art forms.

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15 – 22 May 2012

James Dean Diamond

British artist James Dean Diamond creates a compelling photographic series of alternative worlds entitled ‘Trilogy’. Part 1, ‘Death In A Place like This,’ Part 2, ‘The Bleak Existence Of A Synthetic’ and Part 3, ‘Approaching The Void.’

Each part of the ‘Trilogy’ is framed by a distinct aesthetic and an original soundscape. This journey evolves to suggest in Part 1, our protagonist dies, in Part 2, the character is transformed and resurrected as an artificial being, the Synthetic and in Part 3, the Synthetic contemplates extinguishing his life-force.

Diamond makes large-scale installations to explore notions of escapism, artificial intelligence, memories, displacement and death. The visceral works are an interpretation of an urban environment, transforming the light, surroundings and surfaces to introduce an inspiring visual language.

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14 June – 17 July 2012

The Multiple Store

The exhibition included editions by Turner Prize nominees Fiona Banner, Anya Gallaccio, Langlands & Bell, Cornelia Parker, and Alison Wilding, and other well-known artists including Ackroyd & Harvey, Keith Coventry, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Kenny Hunter, Liliane Lijn and Simon Periton.

14-17 March 2012

Algirdas Šeškus

The first solo UK exhibition of Lithuanian-born Algirdas Šeškus, whose photographic work marked a turning point in Lithuanian contemporary photography. This exhibition brings together a selection of images from his new book Lyrics of Love. Šeškus writes: “Well into my sixties… it is only now that I see to better understand love; or rather that feeling of longing – the most vivid sign of love or loss of it”.

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Vasily Sad

In Sad’s search for a manifestation of Ukrainian national identity he found inspiration in folk craftsmanship of wood carving and Easter egg painting. The colour palette of the pictures evokes the Ukrainian tradition of weaving and embroidery. Sad creates several layers of an image, like a carpet-weaver working with numerous colourful threads. Traditional symbols of Ukraine, such as for instance Ukrainian doll of ‘lyalka-motanka’ with archetypical crosses covering doll’s’ face and typical for embroidering, unconsciously appear on Sad’s pictures, projecting folk traditions on canvas. The works by Sad are philosophically deep and at the same time fragile as a lacework. The artist juxtaposes serenity of his works to jerky, thickly-spread dots of pure energetic colour.

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Sarkis Hamalbashian

This exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions that profile new work by prominent artists working in Armenia.

Sarkis’s work is full of layered meanings, built up from the richly worked canvases.” Sarkis mixes stencil with brushstrokes perse, stains of liquefied oil, and its thick viscous layers – no holds barred. The result is a painting that is alive and vibrant”.The paintings are full of characters that interact and play within narratives that shift between different cultures and times.

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24 November 2011 – 31 January 2012