Mount Gallery Reaches Out

How are Artists Around the World Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Social Distancing?

A Series of Interviews.

Danielle L. Newns Fein
Art Specialist / Curatorial Advisor / Provenance Researcher

Dear Mount Gallery Community,

In these strange times of the Coronavirus pandemic, people around the world are adapting to different manners of survival and mechanisms of coping with self-distancing, isolation and quarantine.

In my home, my husband and I work in different rooms, meet for lunch hour and agree upon a time when we are both ‘home.’ We then spend the evening together for dinner and decompression. This all keeps us a bit structured and mentally healthy.

However, my art collection also significantly harbours an essential involvement regarding my ability to grasp onto sanity each day. Art has the capacity to have a profound effect on one’s psyche during this perplexingly peculiar juncture; it can take one to other worlds between the worry and the uncanny of the disconcerting streets of silence. Each piece in my home is my own exodus from the pandemic’s cruel reality and I find freedom through my collection that liberates me from what could otherwise render me a prisoner to a plague.

This is from a collector’s perspective, however. What of the artists?

We at Mount Gallery can only speculate as to the artists’ situations. So, I decided to
interview up-and-coming artists from around the world in order to ascertain their opinions regarding subjects such as their own artistic positions and conditions, their projections of the art market and humanity’s need for art as well as asking what of future generations in face of this pandemic and the lockdowns on museums and galleries.

Not quite satisfied with simply digital images of art myself, the question regarding future generations’ engagement with art is very important to me; growing up, I cherished gift of studying artworks up close, studying brushstrokes and textures to investigate works’ intricacies. Always have I held dear physical proximity to a work and thereby to the artist’s hand. It was a part of my developmental relationship with art, being able to inhale history made or in the making.

Some of the artists’ works in this Series have touched me so very much that I personally have invested in their work. Thus, I possess the joy of escaping into works’ varied atmospheric intensities and stories each day which, as said before, aids me during this harrowing time.

Undertaking this endeavour with a few artists, the Gallery will introduce to you new
perspectives through responses to the questions above. Voyaging around the globe, Mount Gallery will open doors to unique domains and their authors. You will be welcomed into these artists’ personal and perceived realities during this bizarre time. Please enjoy this expedition.

Stay Well and All of Our Best,
Danielle L. Newns Fein &
Mount Gallery

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