Still Points & Sea Beams | James Dean Diamond

The contemporary British artist, James Dean Diamond has been appointed as the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre, part of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Sussex.

Diamond and curator Samia Ashraf have been permitted access to the work of the research groups and genomic scientists at the Centre, enabling them to discuss ideas of mutation, genome damage and their relationship to diseases such as cancer. This is being translated into a body of photographic work, Still Points & Sea Beams, and an education programme, How is knowledge formed?Working alongside a practical philosopher, Ciara Taylor, the intention is to bridge art, science and philosophy, to establish a collective vocabulary and assist in understanding, exploring and responding to these multifaceted issues.

Framing his work within the parameters of two polar extremes of speed, still points and sea beams provides scope to envisage the complexity of DNA. A ‘still point’ in time is a theoretical hypothesis that suggests the centre point of a spinning sphere or circle has no motion, in doing so, this may act as the slowest point within the universe. By contrast, the fastest phenomenon is the refraction of light in water. Functioning within this paradigm Diamond embraces the spectrum of possibilities that may exist and presents a place partially known.      

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