Mayfair Lady | CASE

Andreas von Chrzanowski – known by the alias CASE – is a German born artist who works solely with spray paint. He is widely acclaimed as one of the best photorealistic spray paint artists in the world. With his technical expertise and gift for subtle juxtaposition, CASE has managed to challenge and redefine this supposedly unwieldy medium, allowing him to produce re-contextualised images of beauty which allow us to question their everyday representation.

For his exhibition at the 99 Mount Street Gallery, CASE is presenting a new collection of original portraits. CASE’s inspiration for the exhibition – George Bernard Shaw’s classical musical ‘My Fair Lady’ – is particularly pertinent for the location and cultural milieu of The Gallery. It is also a playful allusion to Urban Fine Art’s own journey into the highest echelons of society. The culmination of this project will be the artist’s much anticipated appearance at this year’s Mayfair Garden Party on June 25th, during which he will be completing a two metre square painting of the scene.

Curated by 99 Mount Street and Shea & Ziegler in collaboration with Moniker Projects

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