‘After The Laughter’ book launch and exhibition | Herakut

Mount Street Gallery are proud to announce the powerhouse duo Hera and Akut’s much anticipated return to London since 2008, bringing in new works and a new publication, “After The Laughter”. In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a book launch of “After The Laughter” and an autograph session.

The duo exquisitely designed “After The Laughter” in a scrapbook style, which tells an intimate story behind their emotionally-charged artwork and their dynamic partnership. The book consists of 240 fully collaged pages, with images in different mediums and revealing photographs of the duo, sharing the good sides and the bad from the second half of their collaborated years from 2009-2011. Flipping through “After The Laughter” is almost like a voyeur into the artist personal scrapbook, filled signature pencil sketches of heart-felt, emotionally charged quotes, with traces of scotch tapes and accidental ink marks, nippy cut-out images, redolent of the unique artistry of the powerhouse duo.

Curated by Shea & Ziegler in collaboration with Moniker Projects.

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